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“They’re an all-round, good family business who supply and install external cladding. They’re honest and straight up. Their quality is good, their service is good, they’re very accommodating… they’re just good people to deal with. And by good I mean they’re hassle free and easy to do business with. There are no problems, they just take care of things to get it done. They’re not ringing all the time with complaints.”

Craig Brant, Managing Director, Brant Homes


“We’ve been dealing with them for nearly six years and we use them all the time. The main thing is they’re easy to deal with. John’s pretty quick about getting things sorted out so that’s good! And they always come in on what’s been quoted.”

Mike O’Meeghan, Managing Director, GJ Gardner


“We’ve been using Taylor Cladding for supplying and installing weatherboards for years. They’re a reliable supplier who produces quality workmanship and gets things done in timely manner. The quality of the management team makes them easy to work with. On the rare occasion where there is a problem or an issue, we can rely on them to resolve the problem and do the right thing. They put things right. They’re a reliable, no fuss subbie that does good work!”

Steve Bull, Owner, GJ Gardner


 “I was nervous when I first used Taylor Cladding because I’d never heard of them (they were referred to me) and cladding is a big part of the home. It’s all to do with weather tightness and the finished appearance that the client sees, so it’s a BIG deal and the most important aspect of the home. But after a few simple homes we found they knew what they were doing, so we introduced them to more complex homes. And now we want them all to ourselves! Their work is done to a very high standard, it looks great, it’s straight and true and it’s done properly. They know what they’re doing, do a fantastic job, produce a good finished product and deliver results above industry standards.”

Stuart Shutt, Director, Sentinel Homes


“For us it’s pretty simple really. We have a good working relationship with them. They do the jobs when they say they’re going to do the jobs and jobs get done to the highest quality. And if there’s any issues they get sorted promptly - and that’s pretty well all we’re looking for in our supplier relationships. Nice and easy. The easier they are the better they are.”

Mike O’Meeghan, Managing Director, GJ Gardner


“A lot of people are doing things nowadays that aren’t that good. They promise a lot of things but don’t deliver. I think Taylor Cladding is a cut above a lot of companies out there. My concern about using them for the first time was quality and timeframes for service. In my experience some companies are pretty lax. They come in and do half a job then go away and start someone else’s job, then come back a week or couple of weeks later and finish it. But I didn’t get any of that! They’re really good, they schedule things in and stick to the times. Basically they’re good honest people. They do a good job, and if something’s not right, they’ll come back and sort it out, for example, a couple of weatherboards weren’t straight and the owner wasn’t happy. So they came in and had a meeting with them, then fixed the weatherboards without question. Nothing’s a problem really. They’re just good to deal with.”

Craig Brant, Managing Director, Brant Homes


“They’re similar to us, they’re well organised, they’re efficient and we feel we get a good quality product at the end of the day. They’ve been supplying and installing our timber and palliside weatherboards for years because they respond well, they’re easy to work with, particularly Liam and the installers, and their office support is efficient. Because they supply and install their quantities are calculated correctly. We can turnaround our pricing quickly because they’ve a quick turnaround with their quotes. Their ‘one stop shop’ ability means we’ve freed up our own time and any issues are much easier dealt with because we’re using one contractor verses multiple sub-contractors. And finally, we know the installers and we know the supervisors, so they’re not too big to have lost the personal touch.”

Grant Russell, Managing Director, Harmony Homes


“I’m the owner of my business so for me it’s about the job being done as per requirement. I just don’t get any issues from the pricing guys or the supervisors on the site, and if there are issues (we’ve had the odd one or two over six years), they’ve been sorted out pretty quickly.”

Mike O’Meeghan, Managing Director, GJ Gardner

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