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Pine weatherboards

We supply and install Pine Weatherboards and personally hand-deliver them onsite so they’re protected and stored INSIDE from the moment they arrive ‘til the time they’re nailed on (THE two most critical things when dealing with timber weatherboards).

When to choose Pine Weatherboards?        

If you want the MOST environmentally-friendly cladding to lessen the impact on the environment, choose pine weatherboards!


  • It outperforms all other cladding for eco-friendliness.
  • It’s a highly sustainable, renewable NZ resource.
  • Sourced locally from NZ’s pine forests, it’s very cost-effective.
  • It has low CO2 emissions by capturing and retaining a reservoir of carbon, and stopping it entering the atmosphere.
  • It doesn’t emit gases and contaminated dusts during production like brick or fibre cement.
  • It offers superior insulation and thermal efficiency (typically timber homes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so money is saved on energy bills).  
  • Preservation treatments use eco-friendly (not arsenic or chromium) preservatives like cooper particles, to create a natural fungicide to protect against fungal decay, borer and termite attacks.
  • It’s durable and comes with a 50 year guarantee.
  • Timber captures the classic cladding look.


  • It requires regular maintenance (painting every 8-10 years).
  • Timber isn’t dense, so has to be pre-primed (comes as factory standard) to stop it absorbing atmospheric water like a sponge and shrinking.
  • It requires continuous, UNDERCOVER storage both offsite and onsite to protect against weather.
  • Sound insulation is less than brick (which is denser).

Different profiles:

The current school of thought of what’s fashionable is to use three different cladding profiles on your home to stop it looking ‘boring’.

Helpfully there are three profiles to match your personal preference.

1.      Bevel-back horizontal profile.

Currently in-vogue, this profile is approximately 99% of the cladding we’re asked to install.
It effectively replicates the ‘Californian bungalow’ look.

2.      Rusticated horizontal profile.

Currently requested to us about 1% of the time. Popular if you like the uncommon, ‘on the fringe’ look.
It effectively replicates the ‘old villa’ look.

3.      Vertical shiplap profile.

Currently very architecturally swish.
Used for feature walls, down front doors or around windows, to break up the profile to stop it looking ‘boring’.



 “For us it’s pretty simple really. We have a good working relationship with them. They do the jobs when they say they’re going to do the jobs and jobs get done to the highest quality. And if there’s any issues they get sorted promptly - and that’s pretty well all we’re looking for in our supplier relationships. Nice and easy. The easier they are the better they are.”

Mike O’Meeghan, Managing Director, GJ Gardner

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