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“We’ve been dealing with them for nearly six years and we use them all the time. The main thing is they’re easy to deal with. John’s pretty quick about getting things sorted out so that’s good! And they always come in on what’s been quoted.”

Mike O’Meeghan, Managing Director, GJ Gardner



“They’re similar to us, they’re well organised, they’re efficient and we feel we get a good quality product at the end of the day. They’ve been supplying and installing our timber and palliside weatherboards for years because they respond well, they’re easy to work with, particularly Liam and the installers, and their office support is efficient. Because they supply and install their quantities are calculated correctly. We can turnaround our pricing quickly because they’ve a quick turnaround with their quotes. Their ‘one stop shop’ ability means we’ve freed up our own time and any issues are much easier dealt with because we’re using one contractor verses multiple sub-contractors. And finally, we know the installers and we know the supervisors, so they’re not too big to have lost the personal touch.”

Grant Russell, Managing Director, Harmony Homes


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